Monday, March 31, 2014

Below our feet the earth is moving. We often forget of the power that is right below us, however there are times when we are sharply reminded of it. The most deadly reminders of the earth’s power are found at the intersection in between two plates. Where the African plate and the European tectonic plates meet there is a great deal of volatility. Throughout the Mediterranean seismic events serve as a reminder of the destructive power of the earth. One of the most famous examples of seismic events bringing about great destruction is the volcanic eruption on the island of Santorini. This seismic event happened in between 1627 BCE and 1600BCE. This volcanic eruption was so destructive that it is thought to have ended the powerful sea faring Mediterranean power, the Minoans. People from Greece to China noted the eruption.  The event is even thought to have inspired the story of Altantis. It is staggering to think that one seismic event could bring an entire civilization to its end. However we today often overlook the looming, constant and very real threat of seismic activity. We must recognize that seismic activity is not only inevitable but also potentially massively destructive.


  1. There is tremendous amount of energy between the plate, but like the lightening energy, it's very hard for us to control and use the energy. However, once we could manage the energy, there will be another industrial revolution. So, beyond your article, we could also look up some articles that describe how to transfer the uncontrolled to the energy we could use.

  2. Judge - good technical explanation, but there's something missing: an article! Your blog entry should be structured around a summary and response to a relevant academic article. IF that is the case here, I need to know what that article is.